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(I wrote this some time ago. I just wanted to post something)

Baby can’t sleep anymore,
she’s haunted by the shadows on the wall…
as scared as a child-
as scared as a cat in a room full of dogs.
She keeps on remembering…
so many lies… and all the truths they hide…
and remembering haunting eyes,
and remembering his smiles and his laughter…
watching her through tainted windows-
the same windows she still looks out at night.

And baby’s still trying to keep the charade alive…
with the ‘don’t hate him’s
and the ‘we were children’s…
and all the things that make it feel so insignificant,
all the things that make her feel like,
there’s no reason to remember it,
there’s no reason to think about it…
and wondering what the difference is…
between abuse and ‘stupid little kid things’.

Just wishing she could take it all back,
and lie that she was lying,
and make it all go away…
hide the stain on the wall with a crimson blanket
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