"That Crazy Person" (kafie) wrote in searching4light,
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I can’t think of anything more to say,
I’ve spoken it all, all that my soul can allow,
unsown my lips... for a second, and breathe-
liquid oxygen ..- in and out, my lungs stressed...
and a silent fear whispered on my lips...
but still you can hear,
everything I haven’t said - everything that longs to be spoken...
you’re too... just far too perfect for me-
‘are you an angel, did you come for me’?

Just like a prince from a fairy tale-
you’re straight out of my fantasy,
perfect... what you are to me-
something whispers in my soul,
‘don’t ever leave, don’t ever let go’...
you’ll always be here, and I’ll always be beside you,
this could be it, this could be the end...
this could be love.
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