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Succession, seeming my weakness is-
all my loneliness, survive…
a bigger piece of a smaller me.
And all these dreams remind,
loosing to breath, breathing to live…
and all the lies that pushed me down-
sink into the ground…
and I watch my face break within the mirror,
alone again, am I alone again?

There was nothing you could say, explain…
all the memories I am reveling in…
let me begin, the sadness I believe I am in.
And all the screams that grace my nights,
it’s a faze, watch the tears trace the outline of my face…
all the dips, all the bends, all the curves-
falling down into the ground.

Such a sweet paradise, a child revises,
and all these words are-
just another way of explaining,
say, understand, listen and learn…
of all the past I see, of all the memories…
and the things I think, things I say, repetitive-
just a bigger piece of a smaller me.
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